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EXPLOSIVE MUSCLE- Muscle Enhancer Or Scam?

explosive-muscle-healthymensecretHave you committed many hours of workout time at the gym only to look in the mirror and see very slight results? It must be quite frustrating. But, you should understand that this is not a very uncommon thing to occur. In fact, it is generally a bit difficult to increase muscle mass without the use of supplements. This is why many men who are trying to bulk up tend to use steroids or some other muscle enhancing substance. If you want to see better results and limit the chances of harming your body, it may be wise to use something natural instead of a synthetic product. Explosive Muscle is one such natural muscle enhancer that is currently available on the market. But, can it really help you?

Explosive Muscle: Overview

explosive muscleExplosive Muscle is a natural supplement that contains no synthetic substances. It is marketed as a muscle enhancing product that boosts nitric oxide levels for longer workout sessions. The name of the company that manufactures this supplement is called Pure Muscle. It is located in Indiana, USA and they have a very good support system set up for all their customers.

Although there are other supplements linked to the address of this company, there is no other product made by Pure Muscle.


Explosive Muscle is made from a mixture of amino acids that are commonly used in other muscle boosting supplements.

  • L-Citrulline

Helps the body to get rid of ammonia.

  • AHCl (Arginine Hydrogen Chloride)

Helps to increase the amount of oxygen in the bloodstream and increases the flow of blood throughout the body.

  • AAKG (Arginine Alpha-ketoglutarate)

Assists in increasing muscle mass by increasing nitric oxide levels in the body.

  • AKIC (Alpha- ketoisocaproic acid)

Helps to reduce recovery time after a workout and increase athletic performance.

How To Use It?

Do not take more than 2 pills daily. For best results, you should take both pills at least 30 minutes before your workout session. Consistency is very important with your dosage so do not stop taking the supplement unless you intend to stop altogether.

How Does Explosive Muscle Work?

Explosive Muscle is primarily a nitric oxide booster. The amino acids in the formula are vasodilators which means that they are largely responsible for the dilation of the blood vessels in the body. Once the blood vessels dilate, they will be able to carry more oxygen and nitric oxide to the muscle cells. More oxygen and nitric oxide means that, you should be able to endure longer workout sessions and hence build muscle at a faster rate.

explosivemuscle-benefitsBenefits of Explosive Muscle

  • The company offers a free trial
  • Side effects are rare when the supplement is used as directed
  • It is 100% natural
  • Users may experience better stamina and endurance
  • It may cause an increase in stamina and endurance

Drawbacks to Explosive Muscle

  • It is expensive compared to similar products
  • It is not recommended for female use
  • Males under 18 should not use this supplement


So is Explosive Muscle a scam? It certainly does not seem so. It has several ingredients that are used in similar products that have been shown to be effective at enhancing muscle development. Of course, for the formula to be successful, it has to have the ingredients in appropriate proportions and this information is not available for Explosive Muscle. So, will it work? There is a very good possibility that you may experience results when you use this product. But, that is not a guarantee.

Although this seems like a fairly good product, you do not have to settle with purchasing a supplement that is not guaranteed to produce results. It may end up being a total waste of your money and time. If you are looking for a muscle booster that can produce significant results and in a short time, you should try these products.