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Xtest Reviews – A Natural Testosterone Support Supplement? Must Read!

X testTestosterone is a male sex hormone. It produces many desirable characteristics that many males are known to exhibit. Some of these include a muscular frame, high energy levels, high sex drive etc. As a man gets older, the levels of testosterone within the body tends to decrease. With these decreased levels, males tend to display a variety of symptoms.

Many companies have developed products that can combat this situation. Many products are now available that can increase testosterone levels in the body. With so many options, it is good to know which products are the best and most effective options.

What is Xtest?

Xtest is a testosterone supplement that is 100% natural. It is made in the USA but not much is known about the company that manufactures the supplement. It includes a combination of several herbs and other natural ingredients that can improve the overall health of a male and increase testosterone levels. In large quantities, testosterone can help a male to ‘bulk up’. The increased muscle mass is not as easy to achieve when testosterone levels are low. This is why Xtest is advertised as being able to increase muscle mass. Many men take Xtest as a supplement to their gym routine. For males, testosterone is important in enhancing their sex life and Xtest claims to be able to do this.

Ingredient List

As was previously mentioned, the ingredients used in the Xtest formula are all natural. Many other testosterone supplements contain the same or similar compounds. Some of the compounds found in Xtest are:

  • Tribulus Terrestris

This herbal ingredient promotes the production of greater quantities of testosterone in the body.

  • Ajuga (Bugleweed)

This herbal plant is native to Europe. It is often used to treat persons who find it difficult to sleep well as well as persons with hormonal imbalances.

  • Rhaponticum

Another herb, this ingredient helps to prevent fatigue and impotence. It also increases muscle mass and improves blood flow throughout the body.

  • Eurycoma Longifolia (Tongkat Ali)

This herb is widely known for its fertility benefits. It also has aphrodisiac capabilities.

How Xtest works

The ingredients in Xtest enables the body to produce greater levels of testosterone. They also allow the body to tap into testosterone reserves that were not previously available to the body. This increase in testosterone causes several effects on the body. Once the levels are high enough, the user will notice an improvement in their strength, endurance, and stamina. What most males are interested in, however, is an increase in their muscle mass as well as sexual improvements. Whether it is a general improvement in sexual performance, an increased libido or a cure for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, many males seek results in this area. Because the product is all-natural, no synthetic product is used to produce these effects.


When you purchase a bottle of Xtest, you will receive 90 capsules. Users should take two tablets daily- one in the morning and one at nights.

Advantages of Xtest

  • The company offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your purchase
  • It is affordably priced
  • It can help males to lose weight and build muscle mass at a faster rate
  • All the ingredients are natural so the supplement poses little risk for side effects
  • It is available online from several sources

Disadvantages of Xtest

  • It is not available in stores
  • The ingredients are only mildly effective
  • There are not a lot of positive reviews about this supplement


Xtest contains a unique blend of natural ingredients. Although many of these ingredients are used in other testosterone boosters, some are not so widely used. Based on many reviews from previous customers, these less commonly used ingredients seem to be only mildly effective on its users.

Because of this, as well as too little information about the manufacturers, I do not recommend this supplement. Instead, below-listed are some of the highly recommended products that provide effective and visible results.