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Ion Z Brain Supplement – Is It Really Safe and Effective For You?

ionzSupplements are becoming a necessity in day to day life. Whether people want to improve their overall health or to increase the functionality of their body, they require a multi-vitamin supplement to fulfill their needs. Along with the physical health of the body, there is a need to look after the mental health also. The modern diet has been lacking behind in term of essential nutrients and vitamins which have created a gap between physical and mental health and wellness of the people.

To fill this gap, there are many brain supplements available that can effectively enhance your cognitive ability. But these supplements can mislead you with their claims and promises, so it is highly advised to check out their functionality and composition details before making a purchase.

Among these brain supplements, one is Ion Z – Advanced Brain Formula that makes similar claims as other common brain supplement does. Let’s check how worthy are these claims.

What Is Ion Z All About?

Ion Z is a powerful brain supplement which is carefully designed to improve the functions of your brain. It usually aims to provide intense, sharp focus, boost energy levels and enhance the memory of the user all at the same time. This supplement features high-quality ingredients, which can help to improve many functions of the brain.

It claims to provide instant results within few hours after ingestion. The company also claims that the product does not leave any side effects as it is made from natural ingredients. Some of the other claims made by Ion Z are listed below:

  • Increased focus
  • Boosted energy level
  • Improved memory functions
  • Enhanced mental capabilities
  • Accelerated brain cells functioning

Ion Z – Working Process and Ingredients

Ion Z is composed of a number of ingredients that are integrated into the supplement to help the user in restoring the brain performance. The recommendations are made to take the supplement twice daily together with your meal.

Some of its ingredients are listed below:

L-Theanine:  This ingredient is actually obtained from the tea plant. It helps to reduce anxiety, provide calmness and focus. This ingredient also enhances the brain activities, which is quite attractive for Alzheimer patients.

Noopept: This Ingredient is very powerful and works to improve the communication between the cells. It relays the information very fast to the brain cells to get an immediate response from the user.

Choline: It is a natural ingredient, mostly found in foods like grapefruits and eggs. It helps to boost the performance and highly supports the neurotransmitters in the brain.

Piracetam: This ingredient helps to improve the cognitive ability and memory challenges that are related to aging. Some studies have claimed that it is helpful in diagnosing patients with dementia.

The Pros of Ion Z Brain Supplement:

  • More energy level of endurance is realized
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Improved memory functions

The Cons of Ion Z Brain Supplement

  • Only Available at online websites
  • Not even available on Amazon or eBay Sites
  • Not much customer reviews are available


Usually, it is not an easy task to select the right brain supplement of your choice, especially when there is a wide range of nootropic products is available. You can go for Ion Z if you could find the right dosage instructions of the ingredients available in the formula as we are unable to find any. Also, the product is not available on Amazon or eBay, due to which we haven’t found any unbiased reviews. Therefore, it is difficult to judge the products effectiveness and results.

We have listed some of the best brain supplements below that will be easy for you to select the safe and effective product without wasting much of your time. Our Top recommended supplements are: