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Intelligence RX – Is It Really Safe and Effective Nootropic Formula?

Intelligence rxIntelligence RX is a nootropic formula that helps to boost your brain power and functions after the age of 30. The product claims to improve the sharpness of your brain when you are in your senior years. Let’s go through this review to find out whether the claims made by the company are effective or not.

Intelligence RX: An Overview

Intelligence RX is an effective supplement that treats your mental health and to maintain your cognitive abilities that start to diminish with the growing age. It claims that with the regular usage of the supplement you can experience the following health feature:

  • Improved mental clarity and brain functions
  • Reduced tiredness and mental fatigue
  • Increased focus ability

It said to provide essential nutrients to the body along with other vitamins and minerals that other strong medications and brain boosting puzzle games can’t give. As these vitamins and minerals can help to improve the neurotransmitters which are necessary for your brain.

How Does It Work?

Intelligence RX is like a fuel for your brain and is said to work in phosphatidylserine complex. As this complex compound naturally occurs in the brain and diminishes with the growing age that causes memory loss, therefore Intelligence RX promotes its production. It nourishes the brain cells to deliver the message from one cell to another by forming a link between them.

It is recommended to take two capsules a day, one in the morning and another after the lunch. It is said that it improves the brain in three stages like enhance memory, remembrance and mental clarity, reduce brain fog and lastly reduce fatigue and improve focus.

Ingredients Used:

Nootropics: This ingredient helps to improve brain performance and leaves no side effects on the body.

The full ingredient list has not been mentioned by the manufacturer. So it is advised to check the other ingredients on the product casing or on the net before purchasing the product. This is just to ensure your safety regarding your health and wellness, in case you may be allergic to some of the ingredients that can cause serious health issues after use.


  • Provide better concentration and focus
  • Better remembrance and memory status
  • Eliminate negative brain elements
  • Free Trial Product is available
  • Begins to work immediately after work


  • Not enough information is available about the ingredients used in the formula.
  • No information is available regarding the formula is addictive or not.
  • A high cost of monthly subscription is charged immediately after the free trial period gets over.
  • Due to the absence of ingredients, it is difficult to say about the effectiveness and efficiency of the product performance.


The manufacturer provides to the customer a regular supply of the product for 30 days after the subscription. The customer can cancel the product’s subscription whenever he feels that the product is not worthy to use any more.

Currently, there is no direct contact available from the company and therefore it becomes difficult to find out what frequent questions that have been asked by the users. Also, there are no reliable means to contact the customer support team in case the formula fails to provide the effective results and the customer wants to be refunded.


Final Verdict

Intelligence RX could be a unique brain supplement that helps you to remain attentive and provides strong mental stamina regardless of your age. But due to some of the drawbacks, you may think twice or more before purchasing the product. Due to lack of information, we didn’t find any shreds of evidence for its effective performance, you should consider the doctor’s advice before commencing on the use of Intelligence RX.

Before you move on to search for another brain formula, here we have some of the top recommended brain supplements that are safe and effective to use in all manners. These are based on their high performing ingredients and better results.