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Enhanced Mind IQ: Does This Smart Pill Really Boost Your Cognitive Ability?

Enhance Mind IQAs you grow older, you usually start forgetting things and happenings and this leads to increase the concern about your mental ability. This can happen due to many reasons like poor nutrition, smoking, alcohol consumption, stress and many more.  Sometimes, these all things make you embarrassed. As the life without a long-term memory cannot be imagined, therefore the time arises to focus on this memory problem and search for a reliable solution.

According to nutrition experts, you can enhance your mental power by many ways like exercises, healthy meal, cognitive therapy, memory boosting games and likewise. But due to a busy schedule, people usually search for an easy way and opt for reliable cognitive enhancement supplements.

From a number of nootropic supplements, today we are discussing on Enhanced Mind IQ. This Supplement claims to provide all your mental ability needs without any side effects. Let’s go through this review to find out how truly and effectively it overcomes all its claims.

About Enhanced Mind IQ

Enhanced Mind IQ is a revolutionary product that helps to improve energy, performance and cognitive abilities among all classes of working persons like students, athletes, fitness instructors and businessman. It claims to help even the old age persons who are declining in the cognitive process.

How Enhanced Mind IQ Work?

The supplement basically works on the functioning of neurons, as most of the brain activities take place there. Neurons help to transmit information from one part of the body to another through neurotransmitters. Therefore, acetylcholine helps in the production of the neurotransmitter, which is enhanced with the blend of powerful ingredients. This formula increases the activeness and alertness of the cerebrum that helps to stay focused.  All this process is entirely based on the collection of ingredients it uses in the formulation of this product. Let’s discuss the ingredients and their working process below.

Ingredients Used in Enhanced Mind IQ

Phosphatidylserine Complex: This ingredient helps in promoting the overall health of the brain. It nourishes the brain cells that further help in improving the cognitive function, treating stress, depression, Alzheimer and other brain-related disorder.

Betaine: It is an amino acid that is used to increase the serotonin level to improve neurodevelopment and brain functioning.

Vitamin B Complex: This ingredient helps in enhancing focus, memory, mood and energy by reducing mental decline.

Magnesium: This ingredient helps in improving cognitive process and brain functions by treating brain for and mental vision. It also helps in retaining the long-term memory by strengthening the brain synapses.

Advantages of Enhanced Mind IQ:

  • Reduce tension and anxiety
  • Boost mood and promotes calmness
  • Free from additives and synthetic components
  • Improves the flow of blood to the brain
  • Enhance the production of acetylcholine
  • The company offers a 14-day free trial pack
  • Helps in increasing the processing of brain

Disadvantages of Enhanced Mind IQ:

  • The user may feel stomach disorder if taken empty stomach
  • The product is not suitable for pregnant and lactating women
  • The ingredients list is not fully disclosed, so it is difficult to say whether the formula is effective or not
  • There is no proper information available regarding money back guarantee
  • There is very little information available about the manufacturer
  • There are no unbiased reviews available from users who actually used the product


Overall, Enhanced Mind IQ is an advanced brain supplement and is good for improving brain functions. Since the manufacturer has provided very little information about the product’s ingredient as well as the pricing detail; therefore, it is important to do a little research about the supplement on a personal level before purchasing the product.

We can save you time in researching with our top recommended brain supplements that are highly based on extensive research according to customer reviews and rating. You need not spend time on searching on the internet, just order and get the best experience with these brain formulas. These supplements are listed below.