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CogniShield – Is This Brain Supplement Safe For You?

CognishieldCogniShield is a nutritional brain Supplement that claims to improve memory, brain functions and works to treat Alzheimer. Does this nootropic formula really reverse the symptoms of Alzheimer and enhance focus? Let’s take a closer look at its working, ingredients and its claims if this product is suitable for you or not.

What is CogniShield?

CogniShield is a nootropic substance that helps to strengthen memory. Nootropics are usually believed to enhance brain’s mentality, efficiency, learning skills and memory. It also claims that the ingredients used in it can reverse the Alzheimer and are helpful in proper working of the brain.

Working Process of CogniShield:

CogniShield improves the attentiveness and memory of the brain by stimulating the flow of oxygen to the brain and by boosting the brain output. It does this by maintaining the health of brain cells to avoid premature cell death. Therefore, it increases the production of dopamine and serotonin to protect the brain from physical and chemical assaults, thus making the brain relaxed and stress-free. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter that maintains the connection between neurons and the proper working of the brain.

CogniShield Claims

There are some of the claims made by the manufacturer of CogniShield. These are:

  • Improves the memory process of the brain
  • Protects against chemical brain attack
  • Improves mechanical and operational working of the brain
  • Increases the ability to remember things during brain traumas

Ingredients Used in CogniShield

CogniShield claims that the ingredients used in it are perfectly dosed for the recommended servings and all ingredients are proven and backed by science. It contains only 4 Ingredients and these are

L-Theanine: This ingredient is helpful in relieving stress and improving mood. It provides calmness and relaxation to the mind.

Piracetam: This Ingredient is used to prevent brain clotting and improves the mental as well as physical endurance. It also maintains the flow of the blood and brain disorder.

Choline: This ingredient is an essential nutrient, which is helpful in muscle movements and brain development. It supports to maintain the nerve system, healthy metabolism, and energy level.

Noopept: This ingredient is a nootropic element that protects the brain from damage causing factors. It has the ability to enhance energy, memory, mental focus and can also cure Alzheimer and Cerebral Trauma.

CogniShield Advantages:

  • The Ingredients claim to work quickly
  • No known Side effects
  • The only product that claims to treat Alzheimer
  • There is enough information about each ingredient
  • There is a 60-day money back guarantee

CogniShield Disadvantages:

  • No information available regarding company
  • No proper dosage information listed about ingredients
  • The supplement is expensive
  • Not available on Amazon, hence no customer testimonials
  • Scientific studies have been performed, but the results are not verified

Is CogniShield Safe?

CogniShield is not as effective as the manufacturer has claimed about it. One should be very careful while taking this supplement so as to avoid its severe side effects. Due to lack of dosage instructions, you should consider other brain supplement and compare it with them before settling to use it. It is highly recommended to use only those products that come with proper dosage instructions as it is a delicate matter about your brain health.

Final Verdict:

CogniShield makes pretty many bold claims that it is a 3X strength nootropic formula rather the manufacturer hasn’t listed any dosages. Also, there are just four ingredients listed and claimed as perfectly dosed. You cannot simply believe in it as there could be more ingredients also. Instead, neither it has gone through any clinical trials nor any independent testing group has studied on it.

For all these reasons, we can say that it has made baseless claims about its brain health benefits. The only good thing about is that it comes with a money back guarantee, that most brain supplements usually offer.

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