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BrainUp IQ – Will It Make You Smarter? Must Read Before Use!

Brain IQBrainUp IQ is an advance Nootropic supplement that claims to provide healthy brain functions and take your brain to the next level. The formula is said to be very effective in performing the brain functions and enhancing the sharpness of the mind. It boosts the proper blood circulation to the brain that helps to maintain the overall health of the brain.

The Working Process of BrainUp IQ

This nootropic supplement work to provide brain health benefits, by targeting the commonly experienced problems. These problems are of low energy level, low concentration and motivation, less focus, memory loss and low cognitive performance. This supplement claims to overcome all these problems and improves the overall health and condition of the brain so it can perform properly. It also improves the communication between the cells by stimulating the neurotransmitters so that the brain can perform well.

The Ingredients used in BrainUp IQ

The company claims that this supplement is formulated with natural ingredients. The manufacturer has listed only one key ingredient that is Phosphatidylserine. Except for this one ingredient, there is no information provided regarding other ingredients used in this formula. There could be some other ingredients also or it could be just one ingredient inside BrainUp IQ.

The ingredient Phosphatidylserine Complex is used for following reasons:

  • It helps in strengthening the bond between the cell membranes that further helps in improving the cognitive performance.
  • It helps in keeping the brain free from anxiety and stress to help the brain in proper functioning.
  • It helps to provide a better flow of electric impulse by enlarging the inner cell membranes that help in better communication between the brain cells.

BrainUp IQ Pros

  • Helps to overcome constant fatigue
  • Boost mental energy and productivity
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Enhance brain sharpness and cognitive skills
  • Improves overall brain’s health

BrainUp IQ Cons

  • It is expensive to buy single bottle
  • Avoid overdose of the product
  • Must take under medical supervision
  • No money back guarantee available

Pricing of BrainUp IQ

It is available on various sites on the net at the following price rates:

  • The price of one bottle is $54.95.
  • The price of 3 bottles that is, buy 2 get 1 free is $107.85. Each bottle costs $35.95.
  • The price of 5 bottles packs that is, buy 3 get 2 free is $149.75. Each bottle costs $ 29.95.
  • You have to pay extra $4.95 shipping and handling charges with every package.


Overall, BrainUp IQ is a reliable nootropic supplement available today that claims to have no artificial ingredients or additives. Since there is no dosage information available and there is no ingredient label, it’s difficult to say whether the product is safe to use or not. As from this, it can be assumed that the formula contains a low dosage and it seems that this supplement hardly provides any effect on the brain and the body.

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