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Addys Focus – Is It Safe Brain Supplement To Trust Upon?

Addys Focus

Addys Focus is a nutritional brain supplement that reduces the effects of ADHD, which is typically known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. It claims to effectively increase the concentration power and keep you focused on the work without providing any negative side-effects on the overall health of your brain and body.

How Does It Work?

Addys Focus works with the combination of its powerful ingredients that helps in improving focus, concentration, and memory, boost stamina and increase mental energy. These ingredients together combine to formulate a high-quality supplement for better performance and functionality of the brain.

Let’s take a closer look at the complete list of ingredients and their working process.

List of Ingredients used in Addys Focus

Bacopa Monnieri: It has the ability to boost attention, improve memory, learning skills, and reduce anxiety. The dosage of this ingredient used in this supplement seems to be stronger than usually seen in other nootropic products.

Rhodiola Rosea: This ingredient helps to enhance the mental performance, boost energy level, increase the concentration power and reduce the mental fatigue.

Choline Bitartrate: This ingredient helps in increasing the production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the brain, that usually helps in creating new memories.

Piracetam: This ingredient plays a vital role in enhancing cognitive functionality, improving memory, learning the power and that too without causing any toxicity.

Phosphatidylserine: This ingredient has the ability to perform multiple cognitive functions and it is found in the human body cells.

Phenylalanie: This ingredient is an essential amino acid that immediately starts working after entering into the body and helps in producing essential brain chemicals like epinephrine, dopamine and thyroid hormones.

L-Tyrosine: It is also an amino acid that helps in improving focus and in reducing the mental and physical fatigue. It even reduces the chances of experiencing it.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: It is an amino acid that helps in increasing the cellular energy and it is naturally found in the body.

Cha’de Bugre: This ingredient has not been used in any of the nootropic supplements before this. It contains caffeine and is found in Brazilian trees. It helps in boosting physical and mental energy and is more powerful than caffeine. Still, this ingredient is under study.

Cocoa Seed Extract: This ingredient is a mixture of theobromine and caffeine and it helps in improving the blood flow to provide cognitive and cardiovascular benefits.

Caffeine: This ingredient helps in providing alertness and boosting performance at your workplace.

Vinpocetine: This ingredient is an extract of a plant known as periwinkle and it acts as an effective nootropic component that improves focus, cognitive ability and memory.

Panax Ginseng: It is an essential herb used to boost stamina, enhance cognitive performance and increase memory.

Ginkgo Biloba: This ingredient helps in increasing the oxygen flow to the brain that helps in improving alertness, reducing headaches, forgetfulness, boosting memory and concentration power.

Advantages of Using Addys Focus

  • Increases the focus and concentration power of the user
  • Have many clinical proofs for its effectiveness
  • Enhances the energy level if used as directed
  • There is no known side-effect has been reported
  • Multiple studies have been done in support of its beneficial results

Disadvantages of using Addys Focus

  • The product contains caffeine that can cause harm to people who are sensitive to it.
  • The product is not suitable for persons with medical heart condition
  • Overdose of this product can be risky
  • The product is not available at any retail store

Possible Side-Effects

Some users may feel sleeplessness while taking the supplement during the bedtime. As the product already has caffeine as its one of the key ingredients, therefore the users must avoid foods and medications that contain caffeine in them.


Overall Addys Fous is a reliable supplement for those who are not allergic to a type of supplement that is rich in caffeine. This supplement is also not recommended for people having any heart or cardiovascular related problems. Due to these minor possible side-effects, it is suggested to learn more about the supplement before using it or purchasing it. It is also not available in the local market so that you can easily return the product.

Therefore, before you search for any other product, let’s take a look at our top recommended brain supplements that we have selected after all customers rating and reviews.